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The menagerie is slowly emerging from boxes and starting to occupy new places in the house…
Settling in as we are.

Yup we are all still alive.
It has been a hectic summer.
We’ve sold our house and bought another, fixed it up and moved in.
Meanwhile the babies are growing like cabbages and are starting to move around.
I have installed a new studio at the house to work from and am allmost ready to sit behind a desk to draw and paint again. Looking forward to a cosy winter.
More pictures soon!

‘Stella in the grove’

An oldie revisited on request.
I made this pendrawing version of a painting I made several years ago for someone. It turned out well and am pleased my hand still ‘has it’. Like riding a bike you say?

Everything is growing, inside the house and out…
Loving the fact that summer is almost upon us.

It was decided that after a hectic year filled with pregnancy, marriage and the birth of twins we’d throw in a house-sale and move to top it all off.
We’re putting our lovely one-bedroom apartment up for sale and hope to move to somewhere we don’t have to climb over furniture to get in to our beds at night. Wish us luck!

p.s. the cats have accepted their fate and are making do with the edges of the couch now…

The cats, who normally merely tolerate each other, are joining forces and upping their stakes in the sudden ‘cute’ competition for attention…

From left to right, top to bottom:
Pien (girl) & Teun (boy)
Frits (boy) & Charlotte (girl).

Teun and Pien were born 6th March and we couldn’t be happier :)

I finished the crocheted mobile I was working on.
It now hangs above the changing-table to give our brood something to look at while we change an infinite amount of daipers…

It started with my husbands request for a nose-warmer to fit our proboscis-monkey and quickly turned into a small crochet mania.
Being pregnant with twins is the ideal time for a girl to teach herself how to crochet. It’s not too difficult and is a soothing pass-time for all the obligatory hours spent with feet up.

I moved from nose-warmer onto small toys and then onto a bigger project, namely, a twin play rug.

(The crocheted ornament in the top photo was done by my mum, who’s further ahead in the crochet game and could teach me a thing or two if I wasn’t so stubborn and frankly unteachable.)

Finally, with a few days left to kill I embarked on a ‘mobile’ project which I’ll finish tomorrow. (Just a couple of balls left to add)
And then I will have my hands too full of babies to crochet for a while.

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