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This blog is in serious need of maintenance…
This may take some time as I am hopeless at computer-fiddlyness and a mother of one year old twins.
A combination that has proven to be rather thwarting…

Please do not hold your breath.

It’s amazing how much you can do and see in two weeks time.
The Veluwe national park and a few citytrips made for a well balanced holiday making us feel like we’ve been away for months
We packed in lot of ‘firsts’ for the twins too like swimming, being on a bicycle and walking barefoot on the grass.
…and summer has only just started!

There was a small party at our house this month.
A year had passed and time has turned the twins from teeny sleepy babes into active explorers.
There is little time left for many artsy projects anymore but I made time to revamp this secondhand rocking-moose as a birthdaypresent.

The ugly headboard BEFORE.

The ugly headboard AFTER -disguised!

Fritz the cat is pleased with the result…

As am I.

We continue to spend a lot of time indoors, occasionally nipping out into town across the little bridge that’s guarded by a calm white cat.
Returning laden with diapers and formula we quickly head back to the warm house before the sun sets.
Wishing you all the best for a great brandnew year

Can you smell it?