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‘Stella in the grove’

An oldie revisited on request.
I made this pendrawing version of a painting I made several years ago for someone. It turned out well and am pleased my hand still ‘has it’. Like riding a bike you say?

“It’s my party and it can rain if it wants to…”

cause there’s plenty of cake…
I celebrated my 36th birthday over the weekend.

The life-model season is drawing to a close (pun intended!).
Here are some of my sketches from the past few weeks/months.
All of these are done in pencil in my Moleskine sketchbook.
I will usually bring heaps of different tools to the evenings but usually end up using the same pencil…

These past few months have seen me following another set of riveting lectures at Natura Artis Magistra‘ (Zoo) with the University of Amsterdam.
This set of college lectures deals with anything relating to art, landscape architecture, flora and fauna, philosophy, culture and most things in between.

These are some of my notes which I took during class to try and remember at least some of the barrage of information thrown at me.
The classes have finished but have left me with a list of books to read that will keep me, very happily, busy al summer long.

A painting receiving it’s final coat…

Here’s a wee in between piece I made for a 70th birthday present.
The person in question has two pugs, some goats and a fair amount of fancy chickens.
The chickens are apparently crazy about whipped-cream-cakes and are regularly fed an entire cake if the local baker has any left over at the end of the day. The goats seem to prefer stale bread… numbskulls.


“the Breakfsat Sloth” 20 × 20 cm

I am taking part in this group exhibition.

The show runs from December 11th till January 8th.
I hope you’ll drop by..

Kunstcentrum Haarlem
Gedempte Oude Gracht 117-121
2011 GP Haarlem
The Netherlands

A fancy gull deserves a fancy frame.


I have started going to a life drawing club each Thursday evening.
Last week our model brought her dog along who happily snoozed alongside her.

Since a few weeks I have my own studio.
It takes a little getting used to after working from home for the past 15 or so years, but I’m starting to lay the groundworks for some actual work being done.
It’s quite exciting!