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Crickey, it’s been an awfully long time since I participated in Illustration Friday
How nice to be back in the fray!
The word this week was ‘rescue’.

‘She would no longer pretend to be a herbivore.’

A small (9cm x 14cm) picture is for Illustration Friday. This weeks word is ‘pretend’.
I recently bought myself a gouache set to play with, a medium I have not touched since primary school. Tricky!
For my first trial I decided to limit my colours to just white, black and ochre.

Have a good weekend!

The strings were the hardest part to master.

A quick sketch for Illustration Friday

‘His mum insisted he wear the booties she made him when the weather was bad, to stop his cutsey-wutsey toes from getting wrinkles…apparently’

A fox picture for Illustration Friday, made with acrylic paints left over from my earlier fox picture plus some photoshop rain. I decided to continue my ‘theme of the day’ of grumpy load-bearing foxes. The word this week was wrinkles!

Click here to see a big wet fox…

Hooray I managed to get my paints out.
A little painting for Illustration Friday.
The word this week was ‘save’.
For my ‘first painting in a while’ I wanted to incorporate a little practice of painting waves and of course had to throw some bunnies in there…
My sketch started to quickly remind me of work by, one of my favourite artists, Michael Sowa. Who is a modern master of the sureal seascapes. So I lent a bit of the colouring from him.

Click here to view a larger version of the final piece.

My entry for Illustration Friday.
This weeks theme is ‘Garden’.
I’m making some packets of seeds harvested from my own garden to give to friends…

‘The last known whereabouts of the Kaninchen sisters had been at the travelling Zoo…’

A colour pencil drawing, on acrylic, on card for Illustration Friday.
Click here to view a larger version of the final piece.

For Illustration Friday.

Rabbit approached the anomaly with caution… Blackbird seemed less afraid.

The word for Illustration Friday this week is ‘citrus’.
I fancied getting my water-colours and pencils out for this one…
Click here to view a larger version of the final piece. cancel the milk before you go on holiday.

A superquicky for Illustration Friday.