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This little rascal will be Estelle’s new friend.
A mischievous creature hell bent on tickling any-one or any-thing that comes accros his path (including plaster feet it seems) with his extra long striped rattle tail.
Sure to be enjoyed by a cute baby girl.
He was a commisioned pussycat to accompany this squeaky owl which I made for Estelle’s older brother Seth.

A welcome to the world for Jaune, a squeezable and squeaky toy I made for another very recent addition to our world, Felix Matheo… born two days ago.
I’m certain they will get along just famously! :)

Congratulations to F, J, D, E, M & T!

I finished this little fella today. He will be put in a cardboard box and sent all the way to Germany…to become the best new pal of a newborn baby-girl called Rozalyn. I think everyone should have squirrel as a best friend…

It was becoming more and more apparent that Shaun was having a hard time preventing himself from constantly bumping into things. Mostly doors and walls and my shins….
The optician had a hard time convincing the little fellow that this would be for the best…but managed in the end, even convinced him purple was ‘his’ colour. (I’m not so sure…)

These are some very expensive glasses. It seems high street opticians don’t regularly stock frames for monsters and these had to be imported from Finland!
But Shaun seems happier and is now able to read French magazines. (Which frankly astounds me, as Shaun didn’t speak French before he had these specs…)
Unfortunately Shaun is still showing some signs of bumping into things, though I suspect it’s mostly the other monsters. He’s been getting a lot of stick…poor thing! Monsters will be monsters…

I had an intense but fun time making Mr Claus.
Because I don’t use any patterns and tend to make things up as I go, I made several spare arms and legs before settling on these. Opting for green mittens for a traditional colour contrast.
His beard has been made with woollen threads stitched onto a beard shaped piece of fabric. (A fiddly job but worth it for sheer voluptuousness!) Most of the production time went into hand stitching, so much so in fact, I now have a callus on my index finger! But it is totally worth it and I am very pleased with this fellow…
He will be going to a good home in the North of England…

Bob is in charge of the remotes in this house.
If you’ve had enough of watching Strictly Come Dancing, you’d better leave the room…or suffer the wrath of a tiny monster with very sharp teeth!

From the day that they we left on the doorstep life has been turned upside down.

We can’t use the bathroom sink for fear of Jurgen and his sharp teeth, who has nested in the only place in the house that resembles the coolness of marble (This little fellow has some strange tendencies!)...
We have resorted to brushing our teeth in the kitchen.

Fruit goes missing…and turns up in Drews lair and belly.

Dirty socks are continually turning up at our neighbours where they are pushed through the letterbox each morning, Blush is as regular as the postman…

I have caught Eek on numerous occasion sneaking back into the house through the cat-flap. This morning he coughed up a fur-ball, I dread to think what he gets up to at night…

I keep catching glimpses from the corner of my eye and nearly jumping out of my skin…You will not be surprised to know that these monster are now up for ADOPTION.

This squeaky owl is looking forward to teaching newborn Seth all about the art of plumage upkeep and stealth mouse-hunting tactics…

A commissioned toy by a proud first-time uncle and auntie…

This is what I found this morning after being woken by a strange scratching at the door.

There are fourteen in this litter and judging from the decibels, the monster-mum obviously couldn’t cope. Isn’t it sad when that happens…
I suppose I’ll give them a warm bath and something to eat.
Does anyone know what small monsters eat?

If your name is Rachel and it’s your birthday today, you may find this little creature today….