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Pen on paper.

‘Lam bij ochtendgloren’
A small acrylic painting that’s currently in the exhibtion.

This is one of the 9 pendrawings and 16 paintings that are going to be exhibited in ‘Galerie de Kapberg’ set in the idyllic hamlet of Egmond aan den Hoef, the Netherlands from next Saturday.
So if you are in the neighbourhood in the next four weeks, drop by!

It was clear they needed each other and some putting aside of utter disdain was called for if they wanted to make it to the event of the season…

…party till dawn!

*Detail of a small ink drawing I made to loosen my wrists.

An imaginary portrait of imaginary loved ones at an imaginary party.
14 × 14 cm watercolour + some photoshop colour draining.

Minute acrylic painting

Sketchbook drawing in pen with just a touch of photoshop colour.

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